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Everyone else seemed to be moving on just fine or complaining about things that seemed so irrelevant in the grand scheme. And since starting the Transform You challenge, I have been able to channel a lot of my feelings and emotions into working out. This has made it incredibly hard to be a good friend. I mean, you read that list.. It takes a lot of focus to deal with these negative feelings and thoughts in a positive way instead of eating cake and watching Fixer Upper.

It really is. But it is SO worth it. Waking up and working out while the sun rises.

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Eating food that grew out of the earth! Going to work and happily earning a paycheck. Freely praying to the god you believe in. Being able to talk about whatever you want with people all over the world!! Choosing to do things that make you happy. Spending time outside. Being with friends and family. Embrace every second of life. Do you live in the Salt Lake area? If so, I would greatly appreciate any recommendations for counselors, resources, etc. I just don't know what to do as a mother.

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Please help. I'm not sure if Kyle already responded to you via another medium, but I wanted to reach out in case you are still searching. I never experienced the level of gender dysphoria that Kyle describes, but I grew up feeling gender non-conforming.

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I always felt very different growing up, and I couldn't quite place it until a few years ago. Learning about how biological sex is "determined", how gender is perceived, and how biological sex, gender, and sexual orientation are best explained by spectrums rather than binary identities was really helpful.

You may want to do some research if you haven't already at the World Health Organization's website specifically the "Gender and Genetics" page, and Blackless, et al. I appreciate your comments about happiness through your struggles. It seems to me that a life without striving is a life unfulfilled.

Likely, through your efforts, you are exactly where you're supposed to be. I would say that Buddhist teaching is perfectly in line with LDS doctrine. One of the very first things mankind learned on this Earth, conceived and acted on by Eve, is that without sorrow and pain, we cannot comprehend joy and peace.

Either way though, thank you for your thoughts. Pages Why write a blog? Sometime while writing it is easy for me to focus on why life is hard, to focus on how different things hurt, and to spend my time trying to explain what my experience feels like. While this kind of writing is laudable it certainly doesn't reflect the entirety of my life.

The Sex God - No Mud No Lotus

Recently I have been asked two different questions that have reminded me of the importance of expressing more completely the entirety of my life, including the happiness and the joy. It was in a delightful interview with a member of my stake presidency that I was asked the first question. In essence I was asked which type of person was I?

I struggled to find an appropriate answer.

New Book: the sex god - No Mud No Lotus by Sarita's student Ben Belenus

How do I answer a question like that? It was only later that I realized how impossible that question is. If I am happy, can I still struggle? If I struggle, feel pain, and feel lost does that mean that I cannot be happy? That underlying assertion really confused me. It may be that my dabbling in Buddhism or my study of ancient Stoic philosophy has corrupted me, but I don't think that happiness means freedom from pain, hardship, or even suffering. Happiness is a state of life. But man was nowhere in sight. And yet man was always there, inherent in the animals, striving to break through the barrier, striving to be born.

Then, in due course, man entered existence. Man is ceaselessly endeavoring to create new life. And we have named this tendency "sex"; we have called it "passion," "lust. We have deliberately condemned the urge to procreate for thousands of years. Instead of accepting it, we have abused it. We have relegated it to the lowest possible place. We have concealed it and pretended it is not there, as if there were no place for it in life, no room for it in the scheme of things.

The truth is that there is nothing more vital than this urge. And it should be given its rightful place. Man has not freed himself from it by covering it up and by trampling it; on the contrary, he has entangled himself in it even more. This repression has yielded the opposite result from the one expected. Why are we so mortally afraid of this subject? It is because of a presupposition that man may become sexual just by talking about sex. This view is totally wrong. There is, after all, a vast difference between sex and sexuality.

Our society will only be free of the ghost of sex when we develop the courage to talk about sex in a rational and healthy manner. It is only by understanding sex in all its aspects that we will be able to transcend sex. You cannot free yourself from a problem by shutting your eyes to it. Only a madman thinks his enemy will vanish if he closes his eyes. The ostrich in the desert thinks in this way.

The ostrich thrusts his head into the sand and, since he cannot see his enemy, he thinks his enemy is not there. This kind of logic is pardonable in the case of the ostrich, but in man it is unforgivable. He thinks that by shutting his eyes, by ignoring it, sex will vanish.

If such miracles could occur, life would be very easy indeed. But alas, nothing disappears just by pulling down the blinds.