The Apocalypse of Pseudo-Ephraem: Does it Support a Pre-Tribulation Rapture?

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Can you quote for me a specific passage in scripture which gives us a detailed endtimes timeline beginning with the rapture of the faithfull? Where is that in the bible? By studying the book of revelation in depth you will find many passages which support rapture teaching. Me: So whay is it ok for you to interpret the bible and find the rapture implicitly stated in scripture, but its wrong and unbiblical for me to find the immaculate conception and assumption implicitly stated in scripture? One good thing to remember is that neither the Catholic nor Orthodox Church believed in the Rapture, then or now.

Even assuming that it did come from St.

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Ephraim the Syrian, as one noted here it is a rather favourite Biblical theme that does not in any way taken to mean the Rapture. Check out the reviews at amazon. No two ways about it. I for one am not fooled by their non-canonical prophesies nor this here non-canonical prophesy of Ephraem.

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I think that, in the scheme of things, what the Church teaches about rapture is not the same rapture that Evangelicals profess. IOW, the problems are largely related to the pre-tribulational stuff, which is contrary to what the Bible actually says about the Second Coming. Rapture is not the same as pre-tribulational rapture.

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There are other theologies out there that are not pre-tribulational rapture. When Catholics say that rapture theology is a 19th century invention, do they mean all rapture theologies or just the pre-tribulational one of say Left Behind? As far as St.

Pseudo-Ephraem Is NOT a Pretribulation Document

Ephraem goes, we must differentiate between rapture theologies? Is he teaching a rapture theology? Which one or do we know? Is the rapture theology he is teaching consistent with Catholicism. John is just citing 1 Thes , no? He is not giving it the 19th century Rapture theory or some of the other modern ones to go along with it.

And is this the only reference you found? From the 4th century?

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If you are right and it is about the tradition of the Rapture going back to the 4th century…what happened to the discussion from the 4th to 19th century? Rapture theology!

John Darby DID NOT INVENT The PRE-TRIB RAPTURE! by Truth Channel

What is most significant for present-day readers is the fact that the sermon was popular enough to be translated into several languages fairly soon after its composition. The significance of the sermon for us today is that it represents a prophetic view of a pre-trib rapture within the orthodox circles of its day. The sermon is built around the three themes of the title On the Last Times, the Antichrist, and the End of the World and proceeds chronologically.

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The fact that the pre-trib statement occurs in section 2, while the antichrist and tribulation are developed throughout the middle sections, followed by Christ's second coming to the earth in the final section supports a pre-trib sequence. This characteristic of the sermon fits the first criteria outlined by William Bell, namely "that Christ's second coming was to consist of more than one phase, separated by an interval of years. English citations are taken from a translation of the sermon provided by Cameron Rhoades, instructor of Latin at Tyndale Theological Seminary, Ft.

Worth, TX. Section 2 of the sermon begins with a statement about imminency: "We ought to understand thoroughly therefore, my brothers, what is imminent [Latin "immineat"] or overhanging. As I break down the rapture statement, notice the following observations: "All the saints and elect of God are gathered. A later clause says they "are taken to the Lord. Earlier in the paragraph the sermon speaks of "the meeting of the Lord Christ, so that he may draw us from the confusion.

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Once again, in conformity to a translation scenario found in the pre-trib teaching. The next phrase says that the gathering takes place "prior to the tribulation that is to come. The purpose for the gathering was so that they would not "see the confusion that is to overwhelm the world because of their sins. Finally, the Byzantine scholar Paul Alexander clearly believed that Pseudo-Ephraem was teaching what we call today a pre-trib rapture. According to Alexander, most Byzantine apocalypses were concerned with how Christians would survive the time of severe persecution by Antichrist.

The normal approach given by other apocalyptic texts was a shortening of the time to three and a half years, enabling the survival of some Christians.

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Alexander observed: It is probably no accident that Pseudo-Ephraem does not mention the shortening of the time intervals for the Antichrist's persecution, for if prior to it the Elect are 'taken to the Lord,' i. The Gathering of the Elect according to Pseudo-Ephraem is an alternative to the shortening of the time intervals. Conclusion Regardless of what else the writer of this sermon believed, he did believe that all believers would be removed before the tribulation-a pre-trib rapture view.

Thus, we have seen that those who have said that there was no one before who taught the pre-trib rapture position will have to revise their statements by well over 1, years. This statement does not prove the pre-trib position, only the Bible can do that, but it should change many people's historical views on the matter. Reply With Quote. Replies: 0 Last Post: , AM.