Sweety Tweets in a Fast-Paced World: How to Stay Connected in 120 Characters or Less!

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When Sega said that they can do what Nintendon't, they were talking about this masterpiece from the bit era: Gunstar Heroes. This Co-Op speedrun is full of action, a lot of skillful strats, and plenty of unique mechanics and colorful animations. Always a great viewer choice!. The last time we saw this game in a GDQ event was on and it was amazing. With a ton of new strats, this game is ready for a comeback. Me and JimSR are up to any co-op race and eager to run!

Garfield gets zapped to TV Land and tries to get out in this short game with movie-themed levels. It features especially handsome, Jim Davis-drawn graphics. Grab some lasagna and enjoy! Recently, in other marathons, I had runs that came very close - maybe this time? Submitting as a race or solo. The Megadrive version is pretty close to Arcade except Arthur's hitbox is a bit wider, making some parts a little more difficult to avoid getting hit.

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Potential race with ZedAhmad Shakunetsu and Aquas, possibly more. The sequel to the NES classic comes with a twist: vertical fire! A very fun speedgame and one where the ability to play consistently is considered absolutely top level. Some RNG peppers the game but gives the race charm and definitive tension. We skip some parts, blaze through all of them, and have a good time. Great speedgame, and hasn't been featured for a while. New safety and hype strats are sure to make it different. This run is very fast paced, and this time put me at 3rd place on the leaderboard!

Thank you for taking the time to watch my submission! This game from the Contra series does not get the speedrunning love it deserves. There are 4 characters, each having a unique set of weapons. There are branching story paths and a hidden bonus path that make for 5 completely different speedruns. The Hidden Ending run would be a good incentive as it only takes 10 minutes at worst. Accepted as a Sheena run with an incentive to run the hidding ending as Ray. The most recent game in the classic Contra series, this is an excellent tribute to both Contra 3 and Contra Hard Corps.

Filled with tons of over the top set pieces, this game is quite the spectacle and really feels like they took what made the 16 bit games great and put it on steroids. Potential bid war for 1 of the 4 characters and incentive to play on Normal or Hard. Would be very cool to show off one of the least known official Contra games.

Status: Decline Easy Status: Accept Normal BBS is a fast paced run where gravity is a suggestion and abilities have to be used creatively to survive. On level one all fights kill in a couple hits but you gain some new abilities of your own. Aqua is the fastest and easiest run, Terra the slowest and hardest, and Ventus in between the two.

There is plenty of donation incentives possible between a bid war to select the character, secret bosses, and a short RTA of a whole new area in the Final Mix version of the game. Everybody knows and loves how broken Bethesda games are, and this is one of the newest, greatest categories showing that off for Oblivion. So we basically run through the no out of bounds route while clipping through walls and skipping very large sections of the game in doing so.

This will be displayed in "All Bosses" where we are able to sequence break through the game to skip many normally required techniques and mechanics while still being able to access and beat every boss fight. The run is fast paced and battle-oriented but still showcases most areas of the game. New route optimizations allow for this category to be shown of safely in a marathon Co-op submission with Sjorec. No Dragonfires Skip is an up and coming Oblivion category that allows out of bounds, but bans a skip that warps you to the final quest. This opens up a range of possiblities compared to No OoB, clipping through walls to skip past many of the more tedious areas in the game right from the word 'go'.

We use loadwarping to skip most journeys, Skooma to zoom our way across the countryside when needed, and duplicate useful scrolls to make light work of all enemies, all clocking in under 40 minutes.


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Status: Backup No Dragonfires Skip The latest game in the FE series, this has a lot of absurd mechanics that help to speed things up and allow ridiculously fast completions of chapters especially later on. Various new additions make it easier to recover if things happen to go wrong. However, it hasn't quite been showcased like this. Using a multitude of glitches in an RTA route recently pioneered in mid , Terra, Terra, Terra and the rest warp their way through the world with the power of doors and bring down the tyrant Kefka.

The Yuffie Warps category seeks to skip large portions of the game, leading to amusing and entertaining cutscene changes. The memorable story line, recognizable characters, classic soundtrack and excitement surrounding the upcoming HD Remake make this a strong addition to the marathon! Many wild new discoveries have been made that make this run very fresh. Anything is possible in FF6 if you put your mind to it.

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My submission is a Rhythm Gaming showcase, showing off top-tier play from Guitar Hero - or more accurately, Clone Hero. The showcase goes through fan favorites such as Through the Fire and Flames and Jordan, to more complex and mesmerizing songs such as Prevail and Maelstrom. If copyright is a concern, there's a plethora of custom songs made by the community that can replace the copyrighted material.

Status: Accept Guitar Hero Showcase Not seen since SGDQ , Crystalis is an action RPG where the hero has awoken from cryo-slumber to find himself in the midst of a war with the evil Draygonia Empire, and is tasked with stopping the Emperor from re-activating tower that threatens to destroy the known world. The route for this game heavily revolves are experience management, since leveling is mandatory. A new skip was found earlier this year that allows us to bypass an entire dungeon, saving a couple of minutes compared to before. Super Monkey Ball is a somewhat popular game infamous for its difficulty.

The speedrun laughs in the face of difficulty and pulls off ridiculous stunts while still managing to be almost entirely execution-based. It's an easy run to understand, but it's flashy enough to keep viewers coming back for more. Tetrisphere is an unique puzzle game for the N With a combination of frenetic 3D action and a great techno soundtack, it provides a very enjoyable and special spectator experience. I would love a race with FFRPro21! Status: Backup Rescue FFR Pro Race with RebeccaRE and anyone else that submits.

A puzzle game that was inspired by the original Tetris that plays nothing like Tetris. There are a variety of game modes where we can rescue our robot friends trapped inside the ball, or face off against the robots in some versus action. Incentive to complete a really hard stage in the game is available to showcase just how hard the game can get. Status: Accept Rescue Race Pokemon Sapphire is the epitome of an execution based Pokemon run. The execution barrier for Sapphire is much higher than other Pokemon runs, and it really shows even to the most casual of viewers.

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Frame tight tricks with rng manipulation, flashy Mach Bike movement, and heavy AI manipulation are all shown off to their fullest extent in this run. The route features several exciting moments for new viewers, including a death warp, and even catching Kyogre with a Net Ball! Riven uses speed tech called galloping: using combined mouse and keyboard movement to go much faster than was possible in Myst.

This makes the run visually impressive. The run requires getting three randomized codes, 2 of which are in a unique base number system, which requires knowledge and skill to parse quickly and correctly. It also uses a 3-frame window animation skip twice in the run, which saves about 10s total. After the success of Myst and the not-so-success of realMyst, Cyan Worlds came out with another remaster in Unity, called realMyst: Masterpiece Edition, the best version so far that allows for both WASD exploration and traditional point-and-click.

By utilizing the complex Unity engine, this game is surprisingly tech-heavy and glitched, especially for a puzzle game. Status: Accept All Pages The run includes fast-paced gameplay with a focus on micromanagement, interesting and unusual missions and ways to beat them , the best music of the series seriously, absolute bangers , hilarious cutscenes and voiceovers, and even several exploitable glitches which is unusual for an RTS!

Want a quality action film, but you only have an hour and a half? Step this way...

Run is very safe due to ability to load backup saves. Status: Backup Allied Campaign We bhop everywhere because walking is slow, and we mash through text with npcs because they are annoying. Mike Tyson's Punch Out has a notorious reputation for its difficulty.

It also has a plethora of technical strategies to speed up every fight in the game.

We are capable of practicing the coordination of this run frequently and thoroughly to prepare for this GDQ run at a high level. We are also willing to offer an incentive to attempt to beat the game in this fashion with both of us completely blindfolded. Submitting as a race with jimmypoopins.