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Amis spectateurs, bonjour! Le vendredi 6 septembre Comment sera-t-il ouvert? Ce n'est pas du tout un homme qui en est le fondateur. Les brebis de Dieu entendent la voix de Dieu. Aussi longtemps que tu lis les paroles de Dieu Tout-Puissant, tu verras que Dieu est apparu. De telles gens ne recevront jamais le salut de Dieu. La vie de l'homme et sa vie dans la chair Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Bruce Magnamba.

ABelito Atson. Martin Ouedraogo. Information about Page Insights Data. Full Christian movie "the mystery of piety - the suite" God is the truth, the path and life The Bible says, "and, without doubt, the mystery of piety is great: the one who has been shown in the flesh, justified by the spirit, seen from angels, preached to the kind, believed in the world, raised in glory" 1 Timothy Dear Brothers and sisters, the appearance of God in the flesh is a great mystery, and it is also an aspect of the truth that we should all seek to understand. So what is the incarnation? And what is the difference between Christ ingrown the prophets and apostles used by God?

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Why does god have to embody himself to perform the work of salvation of humanity in the last few days? The following program will bring you the mystery of incarnation. Word of God "only those who know God can give testimony to God" God says, " the process of knowing the word of God is the process of knowledge of God and also the process of knowledge of the work of God. And Therefore, the knowledge of visions is not only reference to the knowledge of the humanity of God ingrown, but also includes the knowledge of the word and work of God.

From the word of God, people can understand the will of God, and from the work of God, they get to know the temperament of God and to know what God is. Faith in God is the first step of God's knowledge. The process of the growth of the initial faith in God to deeper faith in God is the process of knowledge of God and the experience of God's work. The actors who appear in this production operate on a charity basis, and have not been paid in any way.

This video cannot be distributed to a third person to make any benefit, and we hope that each person will share it and distribute it in full transparency. When you post it, take care to indicate the source. He is presumed dead after being attacked by Nan Ke and Qiushan Jun. Disciple of Li Shan sword sect. She is kind-hearted and innocent. He was killed by a possessed Qiushan Jun in the Zhou Garden. Changsheng was framed by Qiushan Jun and Zhuang Huanyu of killing him. One of the survivors of the Guojiao Academy battle. He was saved by Chen Changsheng but killed by Nan Ke afterwards. Chen Changsheng's senior and childhood friend.

He is actually the crown prince of the human race named Prince Minyang, the son of the Divine Emperor and the Divine Empress. His blood that carries power of the galaxy had been transferred into Chen Changsheng's by Taoist Ji.

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Tianhai Ya'er's father. He was brainwashed by Red Robes and attempted to assassinate the Divine Empress. He is the Divine Empress's older brother. He was later killed by the Divine Empress after the assassination of the Divine Empress failed. He likes Luo Luo and dislikes Chen Changsheng. He is later killed by the Pope while defending Tang Thirty-Six.

Disciple of Tian Dao Academy. He was killed by the Demon Tribe and Chen Changsheng was framed of killing him as he is founded dead in front of Guojiao Academy. An extraordinary expert who once ranked number one on the National Examinations 39 years ago.

She was killed when she tried to challenge the guardian of Tian Shu Ling. He died 39 years ago in the battle between the humans and the Demon tribe. Tang Qiu's adopted son and Tang Thirty-Six's step brother. He is secretly aligned with the Demon tribe. He later kill the Divine Empress as he is promised to be Demon Clan's king. Xu Yurong's mother. She disagrees Changsheng and Yurong's engagement that was made by Yurong's grandfather.

Xu Yurong's father. Invincible warrior of Dong Yu.

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Later killed by the Pope when he tried to kill the Pope to save his daughter. A locksmith expert. He is the only one who knows the location of the key to Zhou Garden.


He is later killed by the Demon Tribe. A spirit who evolved from Zhou Dufu's medicine practices. He helps Changsheng and Yourong in the Demon Tribe. Military strategist of the Demon tribe.

Destiné à devenir

The younger sister of Zhou Dufu, manipulated by Red Robes. In the end, Black Robes is killed by Emperor Bai. The leader of Fu She.

A mysterious man who worked with Black Robes to topple the Divine Empress's reign. One of the North Dipper Seven Murder.