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Seems we always have one "good" person go down along with the anvil crowd. If they tried to make it Aitanna, even Gia may have a hard time knowing a crazy bitch was laying inside her. Gia had better survive this. That would be the ultimate cruelty to Fiorella and to Gael.

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And to us as we see Aitana, Katia, and Federica gloating over it. Did Diana read the entire letter that time or was she interrupted? She didn't seem to know the name of Anibal's wife so how much fault do we assign her when her motivation was all about Fiorella being the object of Vittorio's obsession? Considering what a sociopath Anibal is I actually think Diana's suffered enough.

Don't know if Diana read the whole letter. I feel the implication that nobody had read the letter all the way. Diana has accepted Vitto whether he recovers all his money or not. The lawyer Vitto hires will probably help her beat the false murder charge. They'll probably be at Fifi's wedding holding the impossibly cute Betito.

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That's a good end for them. Betito was so cute trying to play with The Letter when Vitto was holding him. Then, he tried to get the toy at the table and Vitto blocked that at well. He didn't cry but he looked so cutely flustered! He was feeding her and so cute. Fifi sucks all the oxygen out of the room so little sis is sickly, not a princess and doesn't have rich bio parents but for me she steals the show. I hate they made it her heart and talk about a transplant like growing out a bad haircut. No matter who's ticker it may be the little girl has a tough go of it if she survives the surgery.

I'm stunned Fifi got through that letter I didn't think she could read. Let's pull for Gigi, indeed! That music video is too cute! Won't be long before we see how it all washes out! I think we all agree Gi won't get a heart from a stranger. So maybe, maaaaayb, it will be one of the baddies that dies and gives the heart. Don't know if anyone's keeping track of plot holes or dropped balls but I'm still waiting to hear what Dante was talking about "Gabriel's birth. Unless we envision him in hell! I was never sure which side his loyalties were on I have lost track of so many flashbacks I kept thinking he was a double-agent type character Dante told Gabriel he would tell Maximo he shot him and threw his body in the river and Gabriel needs to get lost.

So, Dante shoots into the hay next to Gabriel and turns to leave when Gabriel jumps up, hits him in the back of the head and fells him. Dante is lying on his back, pulls his hand cannon and blasts Gabriel to kingdom come!

He intended to let Gabriel go after first intending to kill him and returned to the original intention after Gabriel struck back instead of running away. Don't sound like no accident to me.

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Girl it was just long enough and just short enough to give us The good stuff. Thank you my dear. How about Iam lovin the new osvaldo, no one has called Him "ass"valdo in a while.

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Keep your fingers Crossed people. Being nice makes him even More attractive. The writers know that and They're gonna ruin it for us just watch. I hope I wrong. Gigi should really stay in bed. Shes acting now like someone with a heart problem. Who Will be sacrificed for the heart? It might be the bad weather thats got Me thinkin like this way. I get the feeling fi is not going to be happy in the turn of events. Not bein a spoilsport, that Short advance they showed at the end. I dont Like sergio, he's gettin evil. I think pilar will be better off without him. Vitto should really try harder to get lady di out of the poky before little betito grows out of all that Cuteness.

And maybe if they find a Way to matrimonially come together they can give little betito a sibbling. Some good?

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Diana may have read the other part of that letter, thats the part they stopped her from reading out loud. But he didn't want to. And then he told him to Leave town and he'd tell max he did it. But Gab got pissed and came at him as he was Walkin away knocked dante down, and dante pulled out his gun and shot him. A reflex thing, he was defending himself. I appear to have a case of flashback-itis. Dante was so cruel to poor Pilar at the end, there was no excusing that and he deserved what he got, IMHO. You said a mouthful and you nailed it, girl!

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Let's hang on as we come to the end of this thing. You certainly have helped make this a rockin' patio! I would like to have a little bit of hope that he will not have such a sad ending but he remembers me to Chalo from Querida Enemiga another character of Mike Biagio that here in caray caray was called Shallow. He was Saras accomplice but she end up killing him with an overdose of extasis. He was kind of repenting of his crimes and refused to continue helping Sara in her evil plans. It was so heartbreaking his death.

I guess we all agree that Gigi will get a new heart from the demise of someone we know in the cast. I hope it is a good match. I have known several people who have had transplants, and they have had all kinds of trouble with rejection problems. One heart transplant person that I know even told someone that if he knew what his post-transplant life would be like he never would have consented to the operation. That is a huge mental adjustment to make. She must just be devastated. For all the things we thought about Vito, he sure has redeemed himself by the way he has interacted with Diana's baby.

I take it that he sees here a way to be a father without ever having to have any of his superannuated body parts rise to the occasion. Os also has gone through a redemption, although almost tragically so. He owes everything about his new station to Fio, who so graciously forgave him. Although he is well intentioned and willing to do the job, I don't think Fidel's stint as security guy has been very successful so far. Freddie peeping out from behind that plant reminded me of Artie Johnson on Laugh In.

I think they should have had her say "Veeery interesting. And now we have Federica letting Aitana into the place. This is Helloisa's fault for not having Fed arrested for having shanghaied her into a slum. Those transplant stories are powerful! So often transplants are presented by the media, not just light fare like this novela, but more serious media pieces as just a plug and play operation as if we are just a conglomeration of so many exchangeable parts! That outcome is way worse than the cell memory enigma!

You know, they really could've left that whole Nicoleta line out of the story.

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Quite a waste of time. My, that is exquisite and a hoot at the same time! Look at all the trouble Diana went through to keep Vitto from knowing she had a child!

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Extortion, kidnapping of Betito, grand larceny! I hope they have both learned something about honesty and integrity! Yes, Freddie as Artie Johnson on laugh-in!

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Tipping over on a trike would perfectly represent how successful her schemes have been and how seriously we all take her! Grazie, David!

It's like it never even happened! Sixth graders have very short attention spans so that must explain it. For example, the middle of a very hot firefight is not the time to be pulling out a few machine guns for routine maintenance.