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Among several challenges, access to water, access to land and deforestation were highlighted as key challenges hindering the improved wellbeing of women. Using the three highlighted environmental issues access to water, access to land and deforestation facing women, participants developed a problem tree analysis of each issue.

An additional objective of the workshop was informing participants on how they can access and utilise climate information to enhance their daily activities.

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As rainfall, temperature and wind are the main climate indicators affecting farmers in semi-arid Ghana, it was essential for farmers and agro processors to pay critical attention to seasonal and daily forecasts from Ghana Meteorological Agency and other institutions, such as ESOKO, extension agents of the Department of Agriculture, and the media. For example, having climate information is necessary for planning when to start farming, the type of seeds and crops to grow. Weather information is also important for fertiliser application and for weeding.

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  5. Some of the indigenous knowledge about the onset of rainfall shared by participants included the movement of the clouds towards the east and the amount of heat felt during the day. Participants building castles using newspapers to demonstrate the importance of partnership in advocacy.

    To sustain the momentum of activities of the women-based platforms established in the Nandom and Lawra districts, additional livelihood training materials have been installed on the digital television sets at the advisory centres in both districts, provided by the scenario-based capacity building SBCB project.

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    Improving the response of the criminal justice system to persons with disabilities. Persons with various disabilities may have unique problems when navigating the criminal justice system, which may be confusing and intimidating.

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    Thankfully, there are projects around the world which support people in innovative ways. Headway, in the United Kingdom has created a nationally-recognised Brain Injury Identity Card which enables fair treatment when encountering the criminal justice system. The parallel session on criminal justice system takes place on day 3 of the conference 22nd February at in M1. For many people, living with a disability can be just one of the challenges they face.