Recent Progress in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

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Email the author. Post a Comment. Introduction Ethics is defined as a system of moral principles and rules of conduct recognised with respect to a particular class of human actions or a particular group 1. The therapeutic boundary with children and adolescents Psychotherapy for children and adolescents is a daunting and difficult task.

Autonomy and child psychotherapy There is a growing recognition that the child psychiatric patient must contribute to decisions based on understanding and objectivity. Confidentiality as a responsibility The child and adolescent psychiatrist has a strict responsibility to protect information about the child or adolescent and his or her family. Issues in India versus the West In India, more so than in the West, we face problems with regard to confidentiality issues when treating children and adolescents.

Confidentiality issues in the school setting Sometimes, it is very difficult for therapists in India to take up child and adolescent cases for therapy or intervention without consent from their parents. Confidentiality and the therapy process In one situation, child and adolescent psychiatrists may find themselves challenged to protect the privacy of the psychotherapeutic process from parents or guardians who are intrusive and meddling.

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Education regarding the therapy process and expressing empathy Upon recommending a psychotherapy process, the child and adolescent psychiatrist has to review with parents the structure of the psychotherapy frame, the type of therapy, the interventions in mind and,most importantly, their rationale. The need for parental involvement as well The structure of the psychotherapeutic frame also should be reviewed with the child or adolescent. Communications to other interested parties There may be many requests for information about a child or adolescent in psychotherapy or treatment.

Internet and telephone communications Many of the issues that child psychiatrists face with the availability of electronic communication have been discussed in a brilliant review on the subject Clinical supervision for child psychotherapists In India, we have a few good psychotherapy training programmes but not many focus on psychotherapy supervision. Conclusion As noted above, there are many ethical issues governing the conduct of psychotherapy with children and adolescents.

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Recent Progress in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Vol.2 | Masanori Hanada | Springer

Ethics of medical records and professional communications. Lewis O.

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