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He began to draw at the Catholic boarding school which he attended as a boy and young man, and art became his escape from the strict religious atmosphere of the school.

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After having received training as a classical sculptor at the art academy in Carrara in Italy , he was enrolled at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts from Lemmerz expresses himself in various media: film, performance, sculpture, drawing, painting and installation works. He has explored unconventional materials as in his early margarine sculptures and slaughtered pigs displayed in glass cases at Esbjerg Kunstmuseum.

Taking his starting-point in current social issues the artist expresses himself in traditional materials like bronze and marble in his sculptural work which is often based on the Renaissance and classical idiom. In a continuous study of the great existential subjects such as identity, love, suffering and death, his works also contain a number of Christian symbols including the crown of thorns and the naked Christ, and they often reference tabooed subjects as well as both present and historical events.

Lemmerz was awarded a lifelong grant from the Danish Arts Foundation in and also received two important awards, namely Thorvaldsen Medaillen in and Eckersberg Medaillen in His latest creations are several monumental works in marble and bronze, including the 3. In this capacity he has made about 10 albums, toured large parts of the world as well as received a series of prizes and distinctions including 10 DMA Awards, most notably the lifetime artistic achievement award in Mail: Gert Holle. Meine Entscheidung zum Sterbefasten Frieden auf Erden? Heiliger Zorn. Kann Kirche Demokratie?

Es geht um die Erde. The HIV-positive son is given a towel of his own; nobody wants anything to do with his kind. A story of a catharsis with far-reaching consequences, its portrayal is authentic, detailed and close to home, as embodied by the cast of real characters from the events described. He works as a director and scriptwriter on films and for television. Immer wieder versuchen sie etwas Neues und werden dabei sogar fast zu Freunden. In order to escape the daily grind and finally accomplish something in life the pair come up with all kinds of flawed schemes, yet despite the recurrent setbacks they refuse to give up.

Instead they battle on, almost striking up an unlikely friendship in the process. Ukraine in the year Highly stylised black and white images and brilliant montage sequences transformed this film into a classic of Soviet revolutionary film.

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Einer der wichtigsten sowjetischen Filmemacher. One of the most important early Soviet filmmakers. Prior to becoming a director he served as a soldier and worked as an assistant in Ukrainian embassies. The Dovzhenko Film Studios were named after him posthumously in honour of his life and accomplishments. Dagegen wehren sich die Arbeiter. The population leads an impoverished existence in the face of feudalism and military despotism, whilst a growing number of men perish in the trenches.

Once the war is lost the calls for political and social change become louder.

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A coalition of major landowners, military and clergy support Ukrainian independence on condition that it respects existing ownership rights. In a manner akin to Eisenstein, Dovzhenko generates montage effects by use of striking contrasts and symbolic imagery. At the same time his use of contrastive night-time shots alludes to a passion for German expressionism. Erinnerungen definieren das Leben: Our lives are shaped by memories: Then childhood memories of the collapse of the Soviet Union, events which coincided with the armed conflict over Nagorno Karabakh, come flooding back.

She received several awards for her films. Die Interviewpassage wird aus seinem Fernsehbeitrag gestrichen und er verliert seinen Job. Er sehnt sich nach einem freieren Leben. In seiner trostlosen Gegenwart werden die Bilder der eigenen Kindheit immer eindringlicher: In der Gegenwart wird Arshak der Strom abgestellt, weil er die Rechnung nicht mehr bezahlen kann.

In seiner Kindheit waren Krieg und Stromausfall ein von allen geteiltes Schicksal.

Kultur, Aviva - Berlin Online Magazin und Informationsportal für Frauen

The interview excerpt is subsequently edited out of a TV report and the resulting professional conflict sees him lose his job. Amongst these depressing surroundings his childhood memories seem to return with growing vividness: Back in the present day Arshak again finds the electricity turned off, this time due to his inability to cover the bills.

During his childhood years war and blackouts were an inescapable element of everyday life. In her feature film debut, Anna Arevshatyan speaks of the search for identity, both individual and collective, to a backdrop of wonderful imagery. Seit unterrichtet er Filmregie an der Turan University in Kasachstan. Dabei begeht er irreversible Fehler. The nameless protagonist, his stony determination wonderfully brought to life by Askar Mendybayev, is driven by his naturally subjective emotional state and commits irreversible errors in the process.

All the while documentary footage of street interviews challenges the audience to take a position on the issue and critically engage with the events depicted. Yet there is an exception; Doru, who despite his lowly status attempts to remain a self-respecting guy.

After the death of his wife he finds himself caught up in a dilemma and is forced to make a decision. Er arbeitet als Schauspieler und Film- und Theaterregisseur. Zu seinen ersten beiden Kurzfilmen schrieb er auch das Drehbuch. He works as an actor as well as film and theatre director. He also wrote the scripts to his first two short films. Doru versucht, Geld zu leihen und einen Job zu finden. Aber niemand kann oder will ihm helfen. Dann gibt es da aber ein zwar illegales, jedoch sehr lukratives Angebot, dass ihm andere Dorfbewohner unterbreiten. Wird er sich ebenso korrumpieren lassen wie die anderen?

A week after the death of his wife the Youth Welfare Office demands he prove that he is in possession of sufficient funds to support his foster daughter, otherwise she will be required to return to the orphanage, an outcome neither of them want. Doru attempts to find additional work and borrow money, yet nobody is able or willing to help. The only way out would appear to be an admittedly illegal, yet highly lucrative offer put to him by his fellow villagers: A contemporary fairy-tale on the end of childhood: Driven by despair he takes refuge in the fanciful fairy-tale world of his imagination.

Interspersed with psychoanalytical intimations, the film paints a nuanced portrait of a boy confronted by the complexity of human relations and gradually forced to leave the safe haven offered by his childish naivety. Er liebt den Film, den deutschen Expressionismus, aber auch den amerikanischen Genrefilm von Griffith bis Chaplin. Dovzhenko experimentiert mit verschiedenen Genreformen: The cinematic arts during the revolution: Though little-known at the time, he was soon mentioned in the same breath as Eisenstein and widely regarded as a leading figure of Soviet revolutionary cinema.

Dovzhenko experiments with various genre forms from murder mystery and comedy to folklore. Featuring diverse archive material, amusing reenactments and commentary from film historians, the result is an entertaining work on a period that saw Dovzhenko, not to mention Ukrainian film as a whole, in their heyday. He works as film director and actor. A stylishly produced psycho thriller that attempts to untangle the chains of modern manhood.

Er wuchs in Lettland auf. He grew up and studied in Latvia. Francis ist ein moderner Intellektueller, der von seiner Impotenz geplagt wird.

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Er ist ein Mann, der sich nicht fortpflanzen kann, ein Architekt, der selbst kein Haus hat, ein Ehemann, der seine Frau nicht verteidigen konnte. Schon beim ersten Ton des Films breitet sich Unbehagen aus. Francis, a modern intellectual plagued by weakness, is a man unable to reproduce, an architect without a house of his own and a husband unable to protect his wife. Sie tut es einfach.


Glanz und Elend im Post-Perestroika-Polen. Lust for life, wrapped in pop feminist attire. The question of how to live your life is but an irrelevance for Karolina, she just gets on with it, be that dressed super-stylishly or stark naked. Ihre Filme wurden auf internationalen Filmfestivals ausgezeichnet. Karolina ist ein Star. Sie wechselt ihre Haarfarbe wie andere nicht mal T-Shirts. Sie ist 27 und Pop-Autorin. Karolina is a star: There are moments however when Karolina appears to realise that her attempts at self-promotion are leading her to self-destruction.

A hard-hitting psychological thriller: Over a meal the two couples learn that they share a remarkable number of similarities, as the protagonists soon lose themselves in a tide of emotions that fluctuates between love and hate, reality and delusion. His student films have all been aired by Estonian Public Broadcasting. Wer ist hier echt, und wer verstellt sich? Resentment, envy and long-suppressed contempt soon set a series of acts of hypocrisy and intrigue in motion with ultimately fatal consequences. Summer draws to a close in this work on first love, jealousy and sorrow at the passing of childhood.

At the same time the film pays homage to an endangered Mediterranean nature reserve, the Bojana Delta, located in the border region between Albania and Montenegro.

Strobel, Arno

An atmospheric coming-of-age film complemented by wonderful landscape footage. Sie produzierte und schnitt ihre ersten beiden Filme selbst. Currently she is finishing her master thesis in Visual Anthropology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. She produced and edited her first two films, and had appearances in both of them as well. VETAR is her first fiction feature that participated in international film festivals.

Mina ist sechzehn und verbringt den Sommer mit ihrem Vater. Hinterher wird nichts mehr so sein, wie zuvor. Sixteen-year-old Mina spends the summer with her father. Bored as she is the days pass her by, as she loses herself in existentialist monologues and lounges around either in her hammock or on the beach, utterly unimpressed by the numerous windsurfers and hippies who have made this their retreat.