Group Work: Strategies for Strengthening Resiliency

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Strengthening resilience in the Mary River region The strategy will establish a coordinated blueprint for achieving social, economic, built and environmental resilience across the region.

Stakeholders will work together to: continue existing efforts to understand disaster risks and identify regional hot-spots identify how the region can safely accommodate future growth through land use planning identify tools to support local businesses with continuity planning consider a range of hazards including flood, fire, earthquake and severe storm. Project status Stakeholder workshops commenced with council representatives in late , and will continue into mid Map: Mary River catchment.

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They represent a wide range of fields of practice and experience. For social workers, students, educators, and practitioners, this volume examines how group work can improve resiliency in your community. One shares her transformation from a worker who did case work in a group into a social group worker.

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Ather shares a reminiscence of a personal journey during her formative years as a budding group worker. From its description of how the use of group work principles and skills can benefit managers and programs to its challenge to group workers to incorporate some community work skills into their repertoire, Group Work: Strategies for Strengthening Resiliency is more than a fascinating read--it is a tool to help you keep abreast of the latest theory and practice in this ever-changing field.

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