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That can be traumatizing. Catastrophic negative emotion. Sometimes being fired is the best thing that happens to you. You can put yourself in formation with information. Matter is arranged in an order, and that is information. In the chaos, you can take the information and incorporate it and add it to yourself.

Toddlers are low resolution people. So they explore, gain information, and generate a higher resolution world and self. With the game comes the rules of the game, the morality. If it collapses, either you played the game wrong or you picked the wrong game. When you fall in chaos, you may find that you got exactly what the worst part of you was aiming for.

You see people like that often in psychotherapy or on the streets. Out of the garden into chaos. This is a frame transformation. This is human existence: Frame, damage, chaos, voluntary confrontation, reconsitution of your world.

The you that emerges from your latest catastrophe is all you were before plus something more. What does it mean for something to matter? Just attend to what matters. Fix and engage with it. In pre-writing culture: what needs to be learned is amalgamated.

Who taught people to fish? Multiple people over time. But they amalgamate it into a hero fisherman. The story of the flood is everywhere in every culture. Natural disasters can be averted or mitigated, but for sins of omissions. When you make a New Years Reseolution: did you take opportunities to take some spare Chaos and turn it into order? Noah was prepared, so things went well for him even though there still was a Flood. There are floods coming. There will be catastrophes coming for you.

Are you prepared? Do you have your act together enough to see them coming far enough away that you can step aside or get ready? Every imperfection you bring to a tragedy increases the probability it will turn into hell. If people did what they could to speak the truth and pay attention, we could tolerate, mitigate, rise above tragedy and keep it fromo descending into hell.

You or someone you love will develop a chronic illness at some point. What kind of person will you be when that shows up?

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When the damn flood comes, you want to be the person who built the ark. The end of the world is always at hand, and you must be prepared to be judged. These crises will show you where your unaddressed weaknesses lie. Your world is always coming to an end in big and small ways. So what do you do? You prepare for it. And then maybe when your world ends, you get another world. Planning to do an online university. Newespapers are rapidly dying. New tech supplant old tech. The failure process tends to tip and then fail rapidly.

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Peterson has 3 years of personality lectures on Freud. So maybe compile it into one really good lecture and then do no more lectures on it. Internet moves toward winner take all very rapidly. We can identify things people really need to know, then do a sequence of lectures on it and touch it up and then leave it free. People can listen better than they can read. You can crowdsource testing procedures. Use that for accreditation. What should you do with your life?

The most difficult damn thing you can think of that would do the most possible good. Goal: low cost, high quality psycho educational material to give to people. If you play with fire, you will be burnt. How do you know if something is a delusion? We always exist within a damaged structure — biological, social. But to take this personally is misreading the human condition.

If you can do the repair in your own mind, room, community, then you can expand from there. An uphill trajectory is better than being somewhere good.

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You cannot believe how powerful incremental progress is. There are so many things worth doing that all you need to do is open your eyes.

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Everything done genuinely is not useless. Fragility is built into courage. You put the city together the way you want it so people can flourish and make them feel that the unbearable catastrophe of being is worth it for the experience. Cliches lack power. But you can take them apart and make them non-cliches.

But you can at least not tell a lie you know is a lie. Satanic arrogance: You think you can twist the structure of reality without it snapping back.

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The flood story isi a warning. If everyone aims down, the chaos from the beginning of time will return.

Cain chooses to go against Being, and the net consequence is that the whole world is corrupt to the point that God decides to wipe it out. How did the 20th century tragedies happen? People chose to close their eyes. Your moral degeneration contributes greatly to the generation of the entire cosmos. We are networked together. There are conditions under which the divine spirit will not strive with you. There is utility in asking people to keep the evil they are doing at the forefront of their mind.

When you watch yourself, you realize you lie a lot.

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Cold blooded dangerous killers can look innocuous. Peterson started to consider what conditions would make him do horrid things like murderers and criminals. It takes a bloody hard effort to be a good guy.