Fantastic Four By Jonathan Hickman Vol. 1 (Fantastic Four (1998-2012))

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As a bonus, I did finally find out where the hell all of the Alternate Reeds sprouted up from, and how Mr. Fantastic used to fit into their world. Most of that story was pretty cool, and I understood what was going on. The next little bit was sort of iffy. I'd never heard of this place before, so everything about it went over my head. There's some kind of battle raging when they get there! The transporter is broken, so they can't get home!

A scruffy guy he pilots the planet or something? I just didn't understand Naturally, that creepy Valeria once again knows how to help. And then this random Hulk Banner Jr.? Swear to God, that's what happened! The last issue is Franklin's birthday party, and it's pretty cute. How cool would it be to have Spider-Man drop into your birthday party?! Of course, the thing ends with a time-traveler visiting Valeria, and Franklin creating a baby universe. You read that right. I told you these kids were fucking creepy!

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  • Fantastic Four By Jonathan Hickman Vol. 1 (Fantastic Four (1998-2012)).
  • Fantastic Four, Volume 1.

View all 9 comments. Aug 24, Dan Schwent rated it liked it Shelves: comics , There was a time in my life when the Fantastic Four was undisputedly my favorite comic. I must have been a subscriber for six or seven years. The book starts off a little slow. The Wizard-centric story at the beginning didn't knock my unstable molecule-made socks off, but it did introduce the young Wizard clone, Bentley.

Fantastic Four By Jonathan Hickman Vol. 1

The second story, however, kicks things into high gear. I love the concept of the Council of Reeds, Reed Richards from various space-time continuums that team up and solve all the world's problems. It's a great story, too. The third story takes place in parallel with the second, a vacation for Johnny and The Thing to Nu-World that goes bad. The fourth story, Franklin's birthday, has its share of poignant moments. The art was pretty good. When did the Fantastic Four start wearing short sleeves?

My only gripes with this book have to do with pacing. Not a hell of a lot actually happened. It was the complete opposite of the last omnibus I read, Frankenstein, Agent of S. While I don't expect a slugfest per page, I felt like this volume was all setup for future tales. View all 8 comments.

Aug 15, Artemy rated it it was amazing Shelves: comics , marvel , 5-stars. Absolutely delightful. Hickman keeps building upon the the multiverse concept with a story that revolves around the collective of Reed Richards-es from multiple universes trying to "solve everything" and save the world s.

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  • Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman - Volume 3 by Jonathan Hickman.

Meanwhile, Johnny, Ben, Val and Franklin go on vacation in another universe, and then Franklin has the best birthday party a kid could wish for — featuring Spider-Man! The character work is phenomenal, the stories are smart and a lot of fun, and at the core of it is the huge b Absolutely delightful. The character work is phenomenal, the stories are smart and a lot of fun, and at the core of it is the huge beating heart that is Marvel's original super-family. This was a fantastic read, pun intended.

Fantastic Four By Jonathan Hickman Vol. 1

View 2 comments. As he winds down his final story arc, Marvel made available on the Digital Comics Unlimited app on their site for free for a week, three issues from his run which I devoured gratefully. Those issues were so good that when a spotted a lone copy of a trade featuring his first arc, I secured it almost immediately so I could get on the ground floor on his stories.

Hickman established early on to expect the unexpected. His Reed Richards, burdened by his genius and wished to solve everything, could never make himself pay the price an entire council of alternate universe Reeds have paid to reach the limits of their intellect and bend universes to their will. He could never abandon his family and his friends.

This is a Reed who will be a better friend, father and husband than his own estranged sire. He will find another way to solve everything. Family is a theme that figures prominently in this arc. We get to have a glimpse at the extended family that figures to prominent as it unfolds. Hickman gets it.

He knows what the Fantastic Four are in the Marvel Universe.

Fantastic Four, Volume 1 by Jonathan Hickman

The cost of solving everything is everything. View all 5 comments. Nov 25, Sam Quixote rated it liked it. The down side is that no Reed Richards has time for his Sue Storm and kids so they fall by the wayside; Reed must decide what is more important, his relentless pursuit of scientific answers - or his family?

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So much happens so quickly that it has the opposite effect of impressing itself on the reader - it just washes over you. Which is why I much preferred the birthday storyline the most.

To be fair there is one moment in the weird end of the world on another world storyline where Franklin shares a sandwich with the futuristic stranger that was really good. View 1 comment. Oct 25, Sesana rated it liked it Shelves: superhumans , comics. This was my first real attempt at reading Fantastic Four. And yet, I kind of feel like I know the characters, at least on a basic, shallow level.


Hickman didn't really write anything that would make me change my mind about any of them, but I really don't think he was trying to reinvent the characters. That's fine. Not everything needs to be reinvented. I'm looking at you, DC. The stories here are solid and fairly well told, if nothing terribly exciting. The multiversal council of Reeds is a real This was my first real attempt at reading Fantastic Four. The multiversal council of Reeds is a really cool concept, and I liked how that story was resolved. I was surprised at how much I liked the story about Franklin's birthday.

I can't say that I expected much from it, and though it is a quiet story, it isn't a boring one. Just watching Johnny wallow in his jealousy of Spidey is worth the price of admission. I'm going to give Hickman's run a go, see where it takes me.

Fantastic Four, Volume 1

I don't expect to become an FF fan, but that's ok. Jun 06, Roy rated it liked it. I really like the fantastic four characters but I dont know what it is, some reason the writing just doesnt do it for me. I think I dont feel like the multiverse story line is overly exciting.

I also felt like some of the characters stories were a little too simple as compared to others. Still a good read, just didnt blow me away. Jan 02, Paz R. First time reading Fantastic Four and I loved it! I never had any interest in Marvel's first family, but so many people love the characters so I had to try some run, and gosh, what a fantastic time!

First little arc focuses on the interdimensional Council of Ricks Reeds. It's such a creative story that quickly paints a picture of the smartest man on Earth. There are some little flashbacks of Reed's childhood, and the lessons taught by his father. What can I say? I got the feels. Then th 4. Then there's a little side adventure on Nu-World and Franklin Richards's birthday, maybe not as strong as the previous issues, but the birthday celebration was such a cute story and it ends with a great set up for what's to come.

Honestly, I can't believe how much I liked this. View all 3 comments. Apr 14, Becky rated it really liked it Shelves: comics-graphic-novels. This was a good first trade in the Hickman run of Fantastic Four. Sep 11, Jesse A rated it really liked it Shelves: graphic-novels , library-it-up. A super fun Fantastic Four book. My admiration for Hickman grows and grows. May 06, James DeSantis rated it liked it.

Reed is a genius.