Enhancing Learning in Training and Adult Education

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Learning after secondary school as a mature aged student allows adults to develop valuable skills to improve career prospects and expand their professional knowledge.

10 Current and Emerging Trends in Adult Learning

Developing literacy and numeracy skills in adulthood also gives individuals a better ability to reach their full potential. Many adult students gain additional confidence in their academic skills after pursuing adult education. Finally, adult education teaches students valuable skills that can be put into action in a wide range of situations.

The confidence and aptitude gained with adult education is valuable both in and out of the workplace. While the importance of adult education is immense, there are a range of challenges that adult learners may face. These include the difficulty of balancing education and a full-time career, which is difficult for people in full-time employment.

Other common challenges include the difficulty of returning to a classroom setting after spending years in the workplace.

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Many adult students also struggle to find the time to pursue education alongside their obligations at work and at home. ELearning as an adult gives you the chance to make progress in your career and develop valuable new skills. One of the overall project highlights for us was Show and TEL. Twenty-two events—short and half day workshops—were scheduled for staff and members of the public. Education and Training Boards were created just five years ago.

The General Adult Education Programme - Ministry of Education

Our organisation now employs nearly people. While the participant numbers in the project were small, the resources afforded to this project allowed us for the first time to give staff from right across the service the opportunity to engage in an international mobility project. For any organisations thinking of doing a KA project, we would highly recommend jumping in. We found taking a strategic approach, asking critical questions and basing the theme of our project on organisational needs proved a solid approach. This approach gave us a clear focus and we feel it resulted in greater impact.

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Motivated Learning for Everyone

Reinforcement allows instructors to encourage correct modes of behavior and performance. Instructors need to use it on a frequent and regular basis early in the process to help students retain what that have learned and to maintain consistent, positive behavior. Retention is essential for the class to be of value. Instructors who can help students see how to apply the information from class to their work or personal life is more likely to see students retain class knowledge. However, the level of retention is directly affected by the degree of original learning.

Participants who learn the material well initially will retain a greater percentage of knowledge. Exercises that allow learners to practice during learning enhance retention. The success of the adult learner requires a greater degree of responsibility from the teacher. Learners come to the class with defined expectations. The best motivators for adult learning are interest and benefit. The instructor who can demonstrate pragmatic benefits of the class is more likely to have students who perform better both in the short and long term.

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Username Password Remember Me. Principles of Adult Learning. Malcom Knowles, a pioneer in adult learning, identified the following characteristics of adult learners: Adults are autonomous and self-directed.