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My new book! Born to be Free Jacana Media , a children's book for seven year olds and upwards. I am very proud of this. After the Knysna wildfires. Photo of my bush dog, Tuli, in a long cooled off burnt area. Leopard, bushbuck, porcupine, baboon, mongoose and other creatures are now venturing back into the area.

Lions: Yes, do cry for Argentina

Knysna fires. Scenes from the edge of the Knysna Forest. The large range of the Knysna elephants - comprising of hundreds of square kilometers of indigenous forest and mountain fynbos - was unaffected by the recent devastating Knysna wildfires. I am confident that the elephants are fine.

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This morning I was walking on hills on the edge of the southern Knysna forests, in areas of former felled pine plantations. Looking north over the elephants range, it was uplifting to see the vista was unchanged, unlike the areas where I was walking. Here are a few scenes from the hills. There were the footprints of small creatures such as genet and other animals, and in the north the elephants range looked magnificent. Nearby, where I live, our resident family of vervet monkeys reappeared after the fires - they had made it too. As did our francolin and guineafowl families.

And it was even reported that a leopard was seen nearby the other morning. Forest, fynbos and mountains. The Knysna elephants. And one elephant mangled gate! Thank you Hermien for the photos, and it was great meeting you all. Garden Route Guide. The Writer who Roared. In Recognition of Earth Day The Secret Elephants Forest Experience.

Limited availability. For more information, please email: gpatterson wispernet. Website: www. Update on Gareth's Work. For an update of Gareth's recent projects and activities January to July , please see the Current Project section of this website. Report Thread starter 4 years ago 3. Original post by GnomeMage wall of text. Report 4 years ago 4.

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I'm originally from north africa sudan0 and feel pretty much the same. Very big cultural difference. Report 4 years ago 5. Nothing more than mass media diverting peoples attention and keeping people occupied with petty things. Report Thread starter 4 years ago 6.

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Original post by saeed97 Nothing more than mass media diverting peoples attention and keeping people occupied with petty things. Report 4 years ago 7. Original post by JD1lla Hardly keeping people occupied? It's not like people read the news and only hear one story. Report Thread starter 4 years ago 8. Original post by saeed97 But the thing is i've heard this story of the lion a couple dozen times while other more important things get barley any mention.

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  5. Thats all im saying. Report 4 years ago 9. It's still immoral and barbaric. They just don't care because it's what their people have been doing for ages. Irrelevant post irrelevant.

    Report Thread starter 4 years ago Gregoria Badges: Report 4 years ago I agree. Sensationalist nonsense, nobody cares about migrants risking their lives to seek a better life but a lion develops a cult following.

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    4. Swanbow Badges: DiddyDec Badges: 3. Original post by DiddyDec Coming from you? Pot kettle black. Posted from TSR Mobile. AvWOW Badges: 3. Original post by JD1lla This is a really interesting side to the argument, I'll post the article below. AntisthenesDogger Badges: Also don't cry for the expulsion, massacre of natives and attempted extirpation of whites either it seems.

      White Lion - When The Children cry (lyrics)

      Why anyone would give credence to a society so ethically aborted, is honestly beyond me. High Stakes Badges: Original post by AntisthenesDogger Also don't cry for the expulsion, massacre of natives and attempted extirpation of whites either it seems. HughJazz Badges: 0.

      Some Lion killed a female editor for Game of Thrones only last month. Really what's the big fuss over 1 lion's life A level sufferer Badges: Was in Zim 48hrs ago and people i know were actually complaining why the cecil incident was on the news at all. Original post by A level sufferer Was in Zim 48hrs ago and people i know were actually complaining why the cecil incident was on the news at all.

      Quick Reply. Submit reply. Attached files. Write a reply Back to top. Related discussions. My Feed. Focusing on the officials will only get them so far, they must find a way of doing it themselves if they are to have any chance of securing a famous win and taking the series to a third Test. If the All Blacks are pushing the limits of the laws, the tourists must adapt and respond in kind without crossing the line. Winning a Test series here was always going to be the ultimate challenge and handling the referee is part of that. The Lions need to find a way of taking the man in the middle out of the equation as much as they can.

      Nigel Whittaker Warren Gatland is believed to have agreed a deal that will see him lead the Lions for a record third successive term, this time to South Africa in Dublin GAA fans show their support for their Dublin senior football men's and women's squads. After the men Photo: Getty. Penalties and quick ball are the oxygen New Zealand feed off. They will get better and the challenge for the Lions is to raise their game further. Confirmed: Warren Gatland appointed Lions head coach for third time ahead of tour to Warren Gatland set for third Lions tour as head coach after agreeing deal to lead team to Most Viewed Most Shared.

      Paris 10 Years On: The stories behind the headlines as told by those who Paul Kimmage meets Richie Sadlier: Navigating the storms on a voyage to recovery 'I was broken and couldn't see a way back, on and off the field' - How the Also in Sport. Mick McCarthy has backed his team to Ireland make three changes for must-win Euro qualifier with Denmark Mick McCarthy has made three changes to Ireland U17s qualify for Euro elite round with per cent record after win over Ireland Unders have progressed to the Elite Round of Eddie Jones fears England may feel the fallout Ed Woodward blasts "mixed start" to Manchester United's season after club announce