Cliché: Volume 1 (4 twist in the tale short stories)

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I think you meant desert. I hope your character develops well. Thank you for an interesting article. I would recommend 2 books to anyone who is interested in fantasy worlds. First published in , my translated copy Penguin imprint is A very easy read, or reference. A massive study of comparative religion and mythology.

Hard work, my copy is about pages, very small print. Re: Archers as characters, it becomes a relatively useless weapon for close quarters. This is why, though Robin Hood was the best archer in his history, he was also the second best swordsman after Will Scarlet, and handy with a quarterstaff except for Little John. Your hero needs to be able to defend himself in multiple circumstances, and a story where he shoots everyone from a distance is going to be less exciting than close encounters. I would suggest that a delineation be made between cliche and trope. While the medieval world setting may be justifiably considered a cliche, a quest—in my opinion—is more of a trope.

After all, even if the protagonist is not prophesied and is rather self-motivated, then he or she must still go on a physical quest of some kind toward victory. Having provided one example for brevity, I whole heartedly agree we should make sure we are using tropes and not cliches. Set in a world more based on Meji Era Japan, as western culture was just starting to influnce things.

And as such tring to mix technology in as well. I like how the Final Fantasy game series has done this and taking inspiration from them. I hate how everyone uses Lars Anderson as an example for amazing archery. For one he uses a very weak bow: war bows usually have a draw weight of over lbs some have been measured closer to lbs while Lars uses a relatively weak bow.

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On a real medieval battlefield, Lars is not the kind of archer you would want by your side. Thanks for an informative article. This subgenre kills a lot of tropes. The master of the subgenre is a man by the name of Charles Saunders. Check out his books and short stories. Really amazing! To put it in short. Come on! There are whole other worlds out there — recognise them, please. I have never in my life seen a finnish name in a fantasy novel.

Swedish or norwegian or even icelandic ones? That for sure but never finnish. Like Liked by 1 person.

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I still need to figure out the actual plot, but I think this perspective has a lot of potential. Good luck to all my fellow writers out there. So have I! Not many of the people I know have. Anyway, this article helped me a lot, so thank you! The characters are Fairy Frogs and Toads. Fairy Frogs are deeply compassionate, clever, and naturally gifted in the arts.

Fairy Creek where they live is home to a grove of trees with round treehouses- the trees are connected by blue and pink bridges. To the left of the treehouses is a flower-shaped Gazebo. On the side of the two main creeks, there are painted and craved pebbles. Throughout Fairy Creek, you do see sculptures.

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  6. It is what you what you think-magical and mystical. It does have cattails throughout. Aries is their leader. Graysloup home to the toads is not appealing. It is mostly underneath a highway. It is muggy and humid. The minute we think that way, artistry and creativity become stagnant theories. For me, an origin premise is just a simple moral that needs to be vetted, discussed, and demands to be played out visually.

    Everyone has to start somewhere specific. All I need to figure out is what I want to say. What am I wrestling with when I look at the world today?

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    The Complete Stories, Vol 1

    Here are some examples I have come up with:. Some of these do not contain a resolution as Egri teaches they should. I believe in writing entertaining stories with deep, subtextual meaning as he does, but I want to write them toward a highly evolved mind. Spider-Man learns the hard way that with great power comes great responsibility. I agree. It provides layered conclusions in a situation with more predictable, conventional wisdom.

    Kerry Hudson: ‘Yes, this is “made up” but this is also the most truthful thing I have to give you’

    The difference is significant if you think about it. Step away from conventional, universal truths as a premise. Universal truths are necessary to communicate to an audience in a way they can relate, instead of hoping they keep up with the nuances and subtext skilled writers layer into their work. These truths are misused as platitudes at times, but they are needed in order to communicate something more complex in a way everyone can understand.

    So use them, but take one long stride further. Having a totally personal, unique view of the world is the bedrock of defining your POV as a writer.

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    If you have nothing to say to the world, why write? How can you outline a story if you have no idea what it is you are trying to say with it? Specificity and uniqueness of perspective of the world is at the core of having an original voice. Personality plays a role in premise. Casablanca is a love story set in a volatile region that always left questions for me.

    These are the things we must ponder in our stories to give them a real sense of authenticity. A good premise can ram a truck through those misconceptions that people want to believe. Doing that is just as hard some might argue even harder than finding your own person truth.

    The Princess and the Pea - Fixed Fairy Tales

    The wording should leave absolutely no room for confusion or misinterpretation. Get to the bottom of what bothers you.

    ‘Based on a true story’: the fine line between fact and fiction | Books | The Guardian

    Figure out why it ticks you off so much. What does it mean? What does it say about the human condition and human behavior? Places where only a masochist would willingly go. Yes, the added benefit is that you may learn more about yourself. Themes are a universal topic addressed in stories.

    In your heart, you have a set of core beliefs about the universe. Everyone does. Write them down. It can be a hard truth to stomach. You just have to truly, deeply mean it.