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We present a catastrophic earthquake risk model for Canada that establishes a base of evidence to both inform and empower disaster resilience planning in accordance with policy and technical implementation guidelines established as part of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction SFDRR. Indicators are aligned with the SFDRR monitoring framework and are used to both analyze existing baseline conditions of earthquake risk, and to evaluate opportunities for risk reduction through proactive investments in seismic mitigation.

Hotspot areas of concern include densely settled urban centers and rural-remote coastal communities along the active plate boundary of western Canada, including the Cascadia, Queen Charlotte and Yakutat regions; and concentrated urban and rural settlements along reactivated zones of crustal weakness in central and eastern Canada, including the St.

A long-term investigation on microstructure of cement-stabilized handan clay

Lawrence Valley, northern Appalachians and Atlantic coastal margin. Incentives for risk reduction in these regions are evaluated in terms of both expected return on seismic retrofit investments RoI and the ancillary co-benefits of increased building performance with respect to public safety and disaster recoverability. Confounding this is the realization that microorganisms within these systems, represent a vast diversity of organisms with unique functional traits essentially a staggering 1 trillion species based on conservative estimates.

Most often we have limited understanding of what defines good bacteria facilitators vs. From a temporal and spatial perspective tracking the taxonomic and functional diversity in different settings e. This becomes more apparent if we consider the future impacts of climate change and its influence on the environmental microbiome.

Questions arise such as what are the baselines targets that can be used and hopefully applied to support remedial action. Conventional geochemical testing and microbial community analyses are limited with respect to their ability to infer real-time, active processes. Thus, many studies have relied on extracting DNA information from either the water column or rely on comprehensive laboratory studies using representative enrichment cultures procured from active sites.

There has been a significant increase in the rate of felt earthquakes in western Alberta and eastern British Columbia, which has been associated with hydraulic fracturing and wastewater disposal.

Department of Geological Sciences, University of Texas at San Antonio

The increased rate of seismicity and the potential for localized strong ground motions from very shallow events poses an increased hazard to critical infrastructure such as major dams — particularly for older high-consequence structures. I discuss the factors that affect the likelihood of damaging ground motions and examine their implications for hazard assessment and mitigation.

Over the last decade, a series of insightful studies have highlighted fluvial meander-belt features in strata of the Cretaceous McMurray Formation, northeastern Alberta. High-quality 3-D seismic and image-log data reveal immense point bars, while detrital zircon studies have linked these features to a continental scale drainage system. These observations have prompted further investigation into meander-belt deposits, aimed at better understanding complex facies distributions, stratigraphic architecture, and paleoenvironmental interpretations to inform our understanding of bitumen-bearing units.

This study utilizes data from the lower Mississippi River and outcropping fluvial deposits of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin to inform characterization of the McMurray Formation at Surmont, Alberta. An unprecedented dataset consisting of km2 of 3-D seismic and over well penetrations form the Cretaceous McMurray Formation in northeastern Alberta, Canada, provides a unique opportunity to characterize an ancient continental-scale river system. Paleochannels ranged from to m wide and from 35 to 50 m deep, with meander-belt width-to-thickness ratios between and Reconstructed paleochannel migration patterns reveal the evolutionary history of seventeen individual meander-belt elements, including point-bar, counter-point bar, and their associated abandoned channel fill deposits, which have been mapped using core, microresistivity image logs, and seismic data.

Paria S, Yuet PK Solidification-stabilization of organic and inorganic contaminants using Portland cement: a literature review. Environ Rev — CrossRef. Philip LK An investigation into contaminant transport processes through single-phase cement-bentonite slurry walls. Eng Geol 60 1—4 — CrossRef. Waste Manage 46 1 — CrossRef. Sci Total Environ —— CrossRef. Romero E, Simms HS Microstructure investigation in unsaturated soils: a review with special attention to contribution of mercury intrusion porosimetry and environmental scanning electron microscopy.

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Constr Build Mater —57 CrossRef. Environ Earth Sci 76 15 CrossRef. Zhou LX Application of solidify serosity of clay and cement in slip casting engineering of imperious of a municipal refuse landfill. Geol Chem Miner 28 4 — in Chinese. Title An experimental study on microstructure of leachate-polluted stabilized clay.

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