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Obviously, these are the two categories I'll use in the next few sections.

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Then, cross the wire and easily grab the Starite. Defeat the megalodon by using a BOMB. That's all for this area Then, use the nearby shovel to dig in the sand; the Starite is placed near the lower right box. Dig as before. Dig, safely fall down, and grab the Starite. Above it, use a BOMB, so that you can blow up the dirt. Go down, having Maxwell on top of the bridge, and then easily grab the Starite.

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  6. When they're already burned down, rush past the guard. Rush past the guard. Pick, let's say, a CAR, and go all the way down the road. Next, grab a GUN, shoot the rope and grab the Starlite. Next, shoot using a GUN at the rope that is holding a bowling ball. Drag him back. The lamb will follow you all the way to the other side, but you must use the boxes in the water for leverage.

    Next, use FIRE. Drop an EGG on the floor. Next, ride the cow as much to the right as possible, and the cars will follow, until everyone reaches their proper house. Hold his knife and the cow will run away from you; make her run all to the right until everyone reaches their homes. Take him back by flying.

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    Fly in the ROC and take him back. Tie the two together by using a ROPE, and fly all the way to the hospital. After passing the tripwire, break the ice with a BAT sports and grab the Starite. Quickly grab the Starite. Next, pass the tripwire, and pull the block to your left side. Push the lever in one of the sides, put an upside-down MINE weapon on top of the two enemies, and push the other lever.


    After that, go and get the Starite. Equip an AXE, destroy the two ice blocks, grab the Starite. Repeat until most of the blocks of ice are destroyed, and in the end use another PYRO to get rid of the block of ice enveloping the Starite. Move all handles. Then, fly to the left. Use a PEN in it.

    Drag it to the fort.

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    Summon GOD to defeat the Behemot. Fly on a ROC.

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    Take the left entrance to the Starite, but be careful when it comes to crossing the crusher. Put a ROCK over the grey button, cross the lava and release this same button. Then, when the giant crab shows up, run all to the right. Next, interact with the third counting from the left vending machine, and get the candy bar back to the girl. Swim all the way to the girl. Fly to the Starite and grab it. Obviously, join them in groups of two. Next, go to the right side, and use several SUB vehicle to destroy the sandy walls and the predators.

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    Shoot the cannon. How far will you be running?

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    Luckily, she's brought to a stop by a device attached to her rope. What is this device called? Eventually, he'll have to pass the Army's physical fitness test, which could be hard for him.