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When I reached the door I could barely stand up yet I managed to knock and stay upright.

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Keri helped me stagger inside her home to the couch. My limbs felt heavy and everything seemed to be going in slow motion. She eased me onto the couch then called out to someone to bring me coffee. I looked up at here confused and a bit embarrassed, she had company. I'll just go. The woman stood above me with a mug of steaming coffee. A look of concern on her face, but I didn't recognize her because I knew all of Keris' friends, or at least I thought I did. No one knows except my parents. We had been sitting here sharing our lives for hours.

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After finding out who Dessie was and more of their life story I opened up myself. I told them that my dad left when I was young, my mom left not far after my dad left leaving me abandoned in our apartment for two months. I was only 8 when my parents left me alone in that ran down infested shack we called home. I went on to explain that once I ran out of food and the utilities were being cut off, I wandered the streets in search of food, clean clothing, and a warm safe place to stay.

I slept all over town, in bushes, in bus stations, parks, and other public locations. No one really cared about the homeless, kids included, enough to help or give a damn. I roamed around until I was 18 with all the local homeless men and women. They weren't as bad as they are made out to be. Some used to be successful lawyers, doctors, and things of that nature but most were just like me, left to die or survive. I searched relentlessly for a job but because of my lack of address it was hard. M, the sun was bright, and I felt amazing.

I smiled as my thoughts traveled back to barely 9 hours ago to a fabulous dinner and incredible sex. I slid out of bed and tiptoed to the bathroom trying my best not to wake Jess. As I began washing my hands I heard someone stirring in my bedroom, Jess was awake. I was alarmed when I heard a slight gasp then a faint whisper.

Then I heard her voice and I grew very angry at such an invasion of my privacy. I emerged from the bathroom with a soft scowl on my face wondering what caused this visit; the brunch wasn't until I was coming to talk to you about a phone call I got this morning. What is going on between you and your sisters?

What happened?

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I was about to respond until Jessica spoke up. Fillmore if you don't mind me saying, how about I get dressed, and we discuss this properly. At this point, I believe we all have questions and we would all like answers. Oh and Desari your father is here with me, he is down stairs waiting. I will tell him the plan of action. I asked Jess was she ok, she nodded and proceeded to get dress silently as if she was processing the entire situation.

Jess seemed in a trance, maybe she was thinking of leaving or worse how to explain this to my parents. We both headed down the spiraling staircase and the anticipation was killing me inside. My mom and dad sat waiting on the couch for us to join them. The moment we seated ourselves I was taken by surprise when Jessica began the conversation.

Fillmore how are you? An awkward silence passed over us as my mother, father, and I looked at each other. Finally, I decided to speak. I asked cautiously. It is getting bad but it seems no one knows why this is happening. Based on what I've seen this morning maybe you might know or she would like to elaborate.

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I know you explained that you two have formed a new bond of some sort but I would like a full and truthful explanation this time. I wanted to stop her but I could not lie to my parents and I did not want to hide my love for her anymore. I was afraid but I had to face it.

I glanced at my young lover before asking Mr. Fillmore if they wanted the entire truth from me. They nodded in unison and waited for me to begin. I was somewhat afraid to tell the true nature of Leslies ways when it came to our relationship but it was time for me to woman up as I had been doing for the past few weeks. I inhaled deeply and began. Leslie is controlling, mean, and hurtful. I tried my best to make it work and to believe her promises of change, but I couldn't bare the pain anymore. Her attitude was one thing but once she cheated with my college lover, I couldn't hold on any longer.

I'm sorry to have to tell you these horrid things but it's the truth and that's all I want people to know at this point. Out of all this there is one truth you should absolutely know and that is that I am in love with Desari. When no one said anything I continued. I realized this was not a short time ago but I have embraced it in that time.

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  • Fillmore I'm only sad that I didn't meet her first, because all the time that I've spent with Desari has been the best moments of my life. Fillmore spoke in the softest, sweetest tone I'd ever heard. This was a surprise to us because we had no clue these things were going on.

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    In spite of Leslies distasteful behavior we tried to believe that she had changed for the better, we even went as far as thinking you were helping that change but we were wrong. Desari has had a thing for you as well for quite some time but she was only 17 at the time and knew it was highly inappropriate to make advances at her older sisters lover. Phil and I love you just the same.

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    She smiled and glanced at Mr. Fillmore who was preparing to speak. Our little princess tells us more than you think she would, actually all of them do, but Leslie has been this way for a long time. You could say it's my fault that she is the way she is. Once we decided to adopt the girls it was a good idea to everyone including Leslie. Due to medical issues during delivery and pregnancy Leslie was our only child but we knew we wanted more.

    Leslie changed after we adopted the twins, Jamie and Roxy and when we brought Desari home she turned into the most beautiful devil of a daughter I'd ever come to know. Keri was easy to handle because we brought her home at the age of 7, so when Leslie was born and had come of age Keri was in her wild teens pretending we were her worst enemy, running away, or spending countless days with friends. Leslie in a sense was a lonely kid due to Keri's absence during her phasing years.

    Adopting more kids seemed like the perfect solution but we later realized we were wrong. Margaret and I loved the girls too much to give them back and too cope with it all Leslie got her way in everything. I know you probably think we are crazy but therapy didn't work, favoritism is not tolerated, and we had done all we could with her to help yet nothing prevailed.

    I'm sorry you endured it for so long. Fillmore's voice began to crack with emotion. I sat there in awe at what had just been explained to me by the Fillmore's. I didn't know what to say at this point and it seemed that I wasn't alone in the matter. Desari stared at the clock and back at me with a smirk on her face.

    I felt as if I was in a horror film and the family just figured out what they were going to do to me and the perfect way to destroy my remains. Fillmore agreed.

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    Fillmore said to me softly before continuing with, "And I want to get this out of the way so I can have my ears for next weeks poker game. How often did shit like this happen for them to have down to a science so well that they know it will be solved and bitter by the end of brunch.

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    • I wasn't sure I was ready for this repetitive rivalry between sisters. After getting ready we made the short walk down the block to the Fillmore's home. Once inside they evaluated their living room seeing that not only were the girls coats, sweaters, hats, sunglasses, and scarves were scattered recklessly across couches and coffee tables so were their company's belongings. I guess she read the look on my face because it looked as if there had been a frat party in there, "And sometimes siblings from our bio family.

      I nodded and continued to the backyard were they held this bi-weekly ritual. Fillmore had made it out there far before we had and everyone sounded excited and chipper. Before I could make it through the sliding door Desari grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight.